There is much mystery about the Lady Nellie Andaras. Some say they were created by the Lemurians  to build their temples, later to be destroyed and the fragments distributed around the Pacific rim. Some like to get scientific with talk of mass spectrometers and such. I believe it is more important to feel the energy and see beauty of the Andaras  than to have a story about them.

I was guided to wire wrap the Andaras so people could wear them. We realized  the Ascended Masters and Angelic Host would be brought forward through the wearing of these Andaras.

Since then we have experienced many incredible things with the Andaras. The mystery remains.  Once in a dream I was an Andara. I was an individual but also all of the Andaras and all that is.




I believe this is what the Andaras have come here to do.

Some specimens we have acquired are more suited to remain  unwrapped and can be used for other purposes like dreamwork, mediation, healing and such. We also offer some these for sale.

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